Exercise – Our primary focus is on the development of the gross motor skills (large muscle development).

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Healthy Eating

The primary focus is making healthy food choices, demonstrated through entertaining examples.

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Hopeful Hearts

Loving our children unconditionally and accepting who they truly are as an individual can foster hope.

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Heaven's Best

The primary focus for the child is on character development related to the biblical scripture Galatians 5:22.

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Happy to be You

Encouraging a child to understand they are one of a kind, and to embrace their individuality.

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Zugio receives The Dove Seal

Zugio receives The Dove Seal

Zugio and the Sunshine Kidz has been selected to receive The Dove Family-Approved Seal. The seal is awarded to movies, TV specials, books and other entertainment products that portray and encourage positive family values. From the article:

"Zugio takes the Sunshine Kidz on adventures that let them experience fun, dancing, exercise, and healthy foods, and also teaches them about friendship, kindness, and being polite...Here is a fantastic way to get your young children on the road to a healthy life. We are proud to award the Dove 'Family-Approved' Seal for all ages to Volume 1."

Shine brighter by leading a healthy, happy life!

  • The hardest subject for me to teach as a homeschool mom is physical education.  Zugio offers a fun 30-minute workout for my homeschoolers!
    Noelle Donaldson
  • Zugio is a fun, interactive and wonderful way to inspire children to exercise.  Children need to move their bodies to be healthy. As a pediatrician I highly recommend Zugio & the Sunshine Kidz not only for children, but the whole family.
    Marny Dunlap, M.D.
  • As parents with three children under the age of 5, We have discovered Zugio to be a useful tool in getting our children active while being at home. My 2, 3 and 5 year old children love exercising and learning with Zugio, they ask to play with him all the time.
    Dr. Chris & Casey Goscin
    McKinney, TX
  • I love ZUGIO! The brilliance behind this creation is incomparable to anything I have ever seen.  I am an educator who struggled with getting little ones to exercise. Zugio and the Sunshine Kidz is the answer! This DVD is amazing! It’s educational and fun and where else can you workout with a Rainbow zebra!! Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that! Thank you Towry from the bottom of my heart for bringing Zugio to our preschool play day.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude as I watched 60 preschoolers working out and loving every minute of it.  After the play date our parents have asked, “Who is Zugio my kids keep talking about?” I can’t wait for ZUGIO to come back again!
    Sue Marsh
    Preschool Director. Allen, TX
  • What a wonderful Program!
    Dr. Frank Barnett
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Thank you so much Towry for coming to speak to us and sharing your encouragement for healthy living! We enjoyed it!
    Moms Connection
    Mckinney, Texas
  • Zugio and the Sunshine Kidz promote children and families to lead a healthy, happy lifestyle by showing that exercise can be fun!  Zugio teaches kids about the importance of exercise, healthy eating, and a positive attitude!  Zugio and the Sunshine Kidz incorporate all the aspects that the American Academy of Pediatrics advocates to overall enhance physical and mental well-being!
    Meghna Joshi, M.D.
    Child Psychiatry of Dallas